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Introduction of 3200T Swiss Buller Die Casting Machine

2019-01-11 21:38




Chongqing Ruitong Precision Technology Co., Ltd. aims to upgrade products, adjust product structure, change the mode of economic growth, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, Buhler Cold Room Horizontal Die Casting Machine (Model: Buhler Carat 320 compact) has been purchased.
1. Horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine has the following characteristics compared with other equipment:
(1) Suitable for die casting of various non-ferrous alloys and ferrous metals (not yet common at present);
(2) The size of the machine is relatively complete;
(3) Production operation is few and simple, production efficiency is high, and it is easy to realize automation;
(4) The injection position of the machine is easy to adjust, which is suitable for the opening of eccentric gate or central gate. At this time, the die structure needs to take corresponding measures.
(5) The technology content of the injection system is high.
(6) The grading and segmenting of the injection process are obvious and easy to realize, which can meet various requirements of the die casting process to a large extent, so as to adapt to the production of various types and requirements of die castings;
(7) There are few turning points of pressure transfer in the injection process.
(8) The contact area between liquid metal and air in the chamber is large, and air and oxide inclusions are easily involved in the injection process. For die castings with high or special requirements, satisfactory results can still be obtained by taking appropriate measures.
2. Advanced Equipment of Buhler Cold Room Horizontal Die Casting Machine (Model: Buhler Carat 320 compact)
It has been developed after a long production test. The machine meets all kinds of requirements in control system, regulation system and monitoring system.
Through modern computer numerical control system (CNC), the production process control system and monitoring system are integrated in order to produce high quality die castings efficiently.
- Short assistant time and fast production rhythm;
Highly stable production and ready production;
Easy to operate; with careful personal protection and equipment protection measures.


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