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Warm congratulations on the successful convening of the 11th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition

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Warm congratulations on the successful convening of the 11th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition
Nanjing No. 4 Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference, which benefited a lot. The "China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition" is a 17-year-old "International Non-ferrous Alloys and Special Casting Exhibition" professional subdivision and upgrading brand. While evolving the tradition of "International Non-ferrous Alloys and Special Foundry Exhibition" with a complete variety of castings and excellent performance of special foundry equipment, we will deepen our professional subdivision and focus on the field of die casting, focusing on displaying various types of die castings, die casting machines, new die casting processes and new technologies. The China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition covers an area of 11,000 m2, with more than 200 exhibition booths of different types. It is expected that more than 60,000 professional visitors will attend the exhibition.
Highlights of the exhibition:
1. Dozens of authoritative industry organizations work together to build big ships!
At present, nearly 20 exhibitions involving die casting are held annually in China, but the scale and quality are uneven. In order to enhance the effect of enterprise participation, China Foundry Association has joined 42 authoritative industry organizations in die casting and related fields at home and abroad to integrate resources, build large ships and build authoritative brand of China Die Casting Exhibition.
2. One-stop purchasing platform for die castings, business paradise for die casting equipment!
"China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition" takes die castings as the main body and is a one-stop purchasing platform for seeking "more precise and better" die castings. At the same time, it shows high-efficiency, environmental protection die casting machine products and high-precision dies and other ancillary products. It is a commercial paradise for die casting equipment.
3. High-end professional audience like tide!
In cooperation with dozens of authoritative downstream industry organizations, China Foundry Association invited professional buyers from automobile, motorcycle, electrical appliances, telecommunications, household appliances, hardware and other fields to visit and purchase. More than 1000 CEOs from excellent die-casting enterprises at home and abroad were invited to attend or visit the exhibition. China International Foundry Exposition and China International Die-casting Industry Exhibition have been held for 28 years and 18 years respectively. Years of history, UIF certification, is a national key support exhibition, but also a world-renowned international exhibition. The two exhibitions merged for the first time in 2015, with richer contents and more distinct features! uuuuuuuuuu