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Documentary Report on "Domestic and Foreign Trade Co-operation" of Die Casting Aluminum Radiator Enterprises under the Guidance

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The National Heating Radiator Committee "Deepening the Development of Die Cast Aluminum Radiator Market" was held in Wuyi, Zhejiang Province.
On April 13, the National Bureau of Statistics issued an import and export announcement saying that the total value of exports in the first quarter was 5.54 trillion yuan, down 6% from the same period last year. Exports grew by 48.9% in February compared with the same period last year, while in March they fell by 14.6% compared with the same period last year. The reason is that although the cost of raw materials has been reduced, the labor, financing, exchange rate and environmental costs remain high. The data show that there may be uncertainties in the positive situation of China's exports in the second quarter of this year. The economic situation of Russia, the main exporter of die-casting aluminium radiators, is worrying. Last year, the serious crisis of the ruble, the fall of oil prices and the impact of economic sanctions in western countries have exerted a great influence on the export of Russia, which relies too much on die-casting aluminium radiators.
Facing the severe market environment of foreign trade export and the established market strategy of "simultaneous development of domestic and foreign trade". The Heating Radiator Committee reviewed the situation. Song Weimin, Director of Heating Radiator Committee, Yang Xueyong, Chairman of Tianjin Martin Kanghua Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., and Guan Huisheng, deputy director, went south to Zhejiang to hold a special working conference on die-casting aluminium radiators. As before, the special working meeting of die-casting aluminium radiator is the Heating Radiator Committee, which implements the working principle of "overall promotion, classification guidance" in the industry, and strengthens the guidance and service to the market strategy of member enterprises.
The Great Emancipation of the Concept of "Two Conferences"
The 2008 Hangzhou Conference on Die Cast Aluminum Radiator was held. Song Weimin, director of the Heating Radiator Committee, made an important speech. Professor Xiao Yuerong of Tsinghua University and Professor Dong Chongcheng of Harbin University of Technology fully interpreted the products, quality and technology of die-casting aluminium radiators. Yuan Qing, the strategic management organization of the new light era, gave a speech entitled "Reflections on the"Heat"of aluminium radiators. The new die-casting aluminium radiator army, mainly in Zhejiang Province, has entered the heating radiator industry with a great momentum and scale. Facing the possibly high heating radiator market in Eastern Europe, the water quality conditions of domestic and foreign heating systems, the collective silence of die-casting aluminium radiator enterprises in respect of intellectual property rights, and the exchange rate risk caused by the settlement of their products in US dollars by exporting countries, etc., this paper makes a thorough discussion.
The meeting held that the vast majority of enterprises in observing the army of new Jin aluminium radiators are factories that produce die castings such as automobiles and motorcycles. On the basis of existing die casting technology, they extended their product line to invest in the production of aluminium radiators. In the production of die castings such as automobiles and motorcycles, the main work of their enterprises is to grasp the quality of raw materials and process accuracy, etc. As their extended heating radiator products, besides the quality of raw materials and process manufacturing accuracy, the more important thing is to consider the complete matching of the material of the heating radiator itself with the water system conditions. In the past, they produced die castings such as automobiles and motorcycles. As a manufacturer's accessory processing products, brand operation may not be required. As the terminal equipment of heating system, the safety and reliability of radiator products are very important. Brand survival is the only way out. The conference has achieved two results. First, the "applicable water system conditions" of die-casting aluminium radiator products are strictly defined. Second, the market capacity of aluminium radiator products is objectively analyzed.
On May 31, 2012, "Beijing Conference on Die Cast Aluminum Radiators" was held. The heads of dozens of die-casting aluminium radiator enterprises with Zhejiang as the main body gathered in Beijing to brainstorm and unite. With the passage of time, the marketing environment of die-casting aluminium radiator enterprises has changed greatly both in foreign and domestic markets. It is generally felt that the economic situation of Russia, as a major exporter of trade, has not yet fully recovered under the influence of the financial crisis. In some export trade, the European Union recession through the transit port countries has affected the pressure caused by trade frictions. Export market of cast aluminium products. Other die-casting aluminium radiator enterprises have entered the "deepwater zone" in terms of brand strategy and marketing mode.
In the past, die-casting aluminium radiator enterprises mostly relied on the foreign trade conditions of ports and regional markets and the advantages of die-casting technology to engage in export processing trade of die-casting aluminium products. In the face of the recovery period of export market, trade barriers of EU and other countries, as well as the rising cost of labor and other factors, the difficulties of export trade of die-casting aluminium radiator products have become obvious. Die-casting aluminium radiator enterprises in the past because of the large demand for foreign trade, so most enterprises did not do brand, marketing expansion in the rapid development of the domestic radiator market. Objectively speaking, compared with the foreign trade market, the construction of many distribution networks of channels is more complicated. Especially the domestic trade market needs the pull of brand. At the beginning, the domestic die-casting aluminum radiator products are restricted by most of the central heating system. Moreover, the engineering market of domestic trade is a completely different form of trade operation, which forms the heat dissipation of these die-casting aluminium. The situation of "cold" and "hot" in the market of appliance enterprises. One of the major achievements of this conference is that the delegates reached a broad consensus on the strategy of "simultaneous development of domestic and foreign trade" for die-casting aluminium radiators. It is urgent for die-casting aluminium radiator enterprises to transform from "foreign trade-led" to "simultaneous development of domestic and foreign trade".
Stand on the "tuyere" of reform
On 21 April, the special working meeting on die casting aluminium was crowned as "