China vigorously supports the development of domestic die-casting and foundry industry


China's mechanical castings are in rapid development, with the slogan of the road of innovation advocated by our country, the continuous development of casting technology, and strive to occupy the independent research and development of high-end technology and the right to use, in order to really lay a good foundation for the development of China's casting industry.
The development of China's casting industry is inseparable from the improvement of mechanization level. To improve the overall level of China's machinery and equipment manufacturing, first of all, improve the production technology level of China's machinery, break the status quo of foreign technology monopoly, integrate international standards into every link of production, gradually get rid of the situation of relying on imports, reduce the equipment price of robots in the casting industry, so as to promote the improvement of the level of casting mechanization.
China is a big country of die casting, but the production technology level and industry equipment still need to be improved. China's 12th Five-Year Plan clearly points out that the main task of the development of the casting industry is to give priority to the development of major technical equipment, including "large tonnage die casting machine casting unit", with the goal of providing equipment support for the technological upgrading of die casting enterprises. The development of die-casting technology and equipment will help to improve the level of die-casting machinery and equipment, thereby improving the quality and technical level of castings and promoting the development of the casting industry.
In recent years, the government has successively issued a series of policies to vigorously support the development of the domestic die-casting and foundry industries. For example, the government can simplify procedures, reduce links, and implement unimpeded services in the administrative approval of new die-casting projects. For die-casting enterprises that conform to the development of industrial policies, especially in the areas of circular economy, safe production, environmental protection and clean production and energy conservation, the government in the tax system to give concessions to reduce the burden of enterprises, promote enterprise development. The government conducts macro-control of financial institutions within its jurisdiction to encourage and support the financing and loans of local die-casting and foundry enterprises. With these policies as the basis, China's casting industry will be stable and long-term development in the rapidly changing market environment.