The company introduced 3200T Swiss Bühler die casting machine




Chongqing ruitong seiko technology co., ltd. aims to upgrade the product grade, adjust the product structure, change the economic growth mode and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Purchased Bühler Cold Chamber Horizontal Die Casting Machine (Model Buhler Carat 320 compact) . Compared with other equipment,

1 and horizontal cold chamber die casting machines have the following characteristics:

(1) are suitable for die casting of various non-ferrous alloys and ferrous metals (currently not common);

(2) The size and model of the machine are relatively complete;

(3) The production operation is few and simple, and the production efficiency is high, and easy to realize automation;

(4) The injection position of the machine is easier to adjust, which is suitable for the opening of eccentric gates, and the center gate can also be used. At this time, the mold structure needs to take corresponding measures;

(5) The injection system has high technical content;

(6) The grading and segmentation of the injection process are obvious and easy to realize, which can meet the various requirements of the die-casting process to a large extent to adapt to the production of various types and various requirements of die-casting parts;

(7) The pressure transmission in the injection process is less;

(8) The contact area with air above the horizontal liquid surface of the metal liquid in the pressure chamber is large, and air and oxide inclusions are easily involved during injection. For die castings with high or special requirements, satisfactory results can still be obtained by taking corresponding measures.

2, Buller cold chamber horizontal die casting machine ( model: Buhler Carat 320 compact ) equipment advanced

has been developed after passing long-term production tests. The machine in the control system, regulation system and monitoring system, etc., have reached a variety of contemporary requirements.

-Through the modern computer numerical control system (CNC) , the control system and monitoring system of the production process are integrated to efficiently produce high-quality die castings;

-Short auxiliary time and fast production pace;

-highly stable production and ready for production;

-easy to operate,-Have thorough personal and equipment protection measures.

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