Recruitment: Reducer Design Engineer



1 is responsible for the design and demonstration of the transmission system scheme;

2 is responsible for the assembly process and technical documents of the transmission assembly;

is responsible for the coordinated solution of assembly quality problems;

4 is responsible for supplier technical management and technical support;

5 is responsible for the technical docking of the main engine factory and the development of new products;

6 Cooperate with internal and other departments to carry out relevant management work.

Job Requirements:

1 Possess Solid Basic Knowledge of Transmission System Theory;

2 has the ability of tolerance design and tolerance analysis;

3 has certain technological foundation of transmission parts;

4 has certain experience in fixture and measuring tool design;

5 Proficient in applying relevant 2D and 3D design software, with certain CAE modeling and analysis capabilities such as ta or Romax preferred;

6 Bachelor degree or above, major in machinery, at least 3 years relevant working experience.

salary: negotiable

gender, age: male under 45

working years: over 3 years

working nature: full-time

company benefits: perfect all social insurance, provide working meals on duty, provide one room and one hall with complete apartment housing.

Recruitment Mailbox:

Tel: 15023275347 Teacher Wang

Company Address: , Building A,

60 Longqing Road, Qinggang Street, Bishan District, Chongqing

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