The advent of high-performance cold chamber die casting machine integrated into the fourth generation cold chamber die casting technology


China Education Equipment Procurement Network News: According to Lijin Group News. The world's largest die-casting machine manufacturer, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed on the main board of the enterprise force Jin Technology Group Co., Ltd. Recently, the IMPRESS-III series of small and medium-sized cold chamber die casting machines (clamping force 130-900 tons) using the fourth generation cold chamber die casting technology have been successfully developed and promoted to the global market. The promotion of new technology and the launch of new models reflect that Lijin continues to lead the industry in mastering and applying high-end die-casting technology.
It is reported that the IMPRESS-III series adopts the most advanced cold room machine technology and integrates many patented technologies of Lijin. The series includes 10 styles of clamping force ranging from 130 to 900 tons, and is satisfied with manufacturing non-ferrous metal die casting products such as automobile and motorcycle parts, industrial parts, building materials parts, furniture supplies, etc. The new product series has been comprehensively improved and optimized in the aspects of injection, clamping and control system, and its stability, control accuracy, work efficiency and safety have been improved to a new height.
IMPRESS-Ⅲ series small and medium-sized cold chamber die casting machine has the following outstanding advantages:
☉Independent two-speed and supercharged accumulator, which can automatically store energy separately, and can be set and adjusted on the man-machine control interface;
☉Hammer front, first-level fast, second-level fast, pressurized, four-level injection control system to improve the quality of castings;
☉Maximum air injection speed ≥ 8 m/s;
☉Direct supercharging structure, fast supercharging response, simple structure, reliable and durable;
☉Equipped with express clamping mechanism, the maximum speed is increased by more than 2 times, the cycle period is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved;
☉Automatic mold adjustment system (over 400 tons) realizes closed-loop control automatic mold adjustment function, accurate and reliable mold adjustment, and shortens mold adjustment time;
☉The system adopts double proportional control of pressure and flow, electronic ruler is used for ejection and clamping stroke, and non-contact encoder is used for feeding. Relevant parameters can be easily set and adjusted in the touch screen control interface, and the control is accurate and simple.
☉International excellent PLC control system 10.4 inch super touch screen, stable operation, high control precision, easy operation;
☉Mature and stable mold clamping and injection system, combined with new touch control, easy operation and high stability;
☉Perfect and multiple safety protection interlock function to ensure the safety of operators. The
IMPRESS-Ⅲ series is also equipped with a special die-casting control system for Lijin and optional production management and monitoring software, which can meet the requirements of current production quality control and cost control. The template adopts high-strength casting machine plate and caisson structure, and uses advanced finite element software to analyze and optimize the structure. The processing is carried out by a large CNC machining center to ensure dimensional accuracy. The testing tool uses a unique large CMM three-position coordinate instrument in China to ensure the processing quality, combined with many years of die casting machine clamping production experience to ensure the durability of the template. Corinthians are made of high tensile alloy steel and specially designed to ensure that they are not easy to break.
Automated production has become the development trend of modern manufacturing workshops. IMPRESS-III series of optional parts picking, spraying, soup feeding manipulators or robots are equipped with high-quality peripheral equipment such as press feeder, mold temperature machine, edge trimming machine, marking machine, cooling device and exhaust gas dust filtering device to provide customers with highly integrated, automated and high-efficiency integrated die casting units.
Lijin IMPRESS series cold chamber die casting machine is the crystallization of Lijin's decades of technology and experience. It is a product series with the widest application range and the largest sales volume. Continuous technological improvement and innovation have made it an outstanding representative of high-quality and high-efficiency cold chamber die casting machines. It is well received by General Motors, Dongfeng Honda, Aisin Precision Machinery, FAW Group, Great Wall Motors, BYD, Faster, etc. Favored by well-known enterprises at home and abroad.