Structure Adjustment and Upgrade Industry Experts to Pulse the Trend of China's Die Casting Industry


Secretary-General Wen Ping also analyzed that China's die-casting industry is ushering in an era of vigorous development. He said, "China is in the middle and late stages of industrialization, and the development strategies of informatization, agricultural modernization and new urbanization have provided valuable opportunities for the great development of China's casting and die casting industry. The improvement of automation and the gradual application of robots have provided a broad market for the further development of the die casting industry."
Industry experts believe that this is the time for China's manufacturing industry, including the die-casting industry. The competition in the same industry is becoming more and more fierce, the market segmentation is becoming more and more obvious, and the industry differentiation is becoming more and more obvious. Those enterprises that can actively transform and innovate, with the help of the Internet, vigorously promote digitalization and intelligence, and go green, low-carbon and environmental protection will surely be able to seize the opportunity of the development of the times. On the contrary, if it is still the old way of high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency, it will be submerged by the torrent of the times.
Sun Jiexiao, chairman of Chunxing Seiko, has a lot of experience in this regard. He told reporters with 20 years of working experience: the development of an enterprise must always keep close to the pulse of the development of the times, and have a keen sense of smell and rapid adaptability. He said, for example, that in people's minds, die-casting products were related to bulky products such as engines and radiators. In fact, today's die-casting products have entered thousands of households and are closely related to the lives of ordinary people. Usually, the products of die-casting companies have three categories: one is auto parts; one is communication equipment; one is consumer electronics. For example, now, the metal mobile phone shell produced by Chunxing Seiko die-casting is the representative of consumer electronics. In some aspects, it has been far ahead in China. The application of die-casting process in the mobile phone shell makes ordinary consumers have a more intuitive feeling about the die-casting process, and also makes the die-casting process no longer far away from the people. For the future market trend, experts at the meeting said that enterprises that pay attention to the coordination of casting production and procurement, optimize the process and strengthen management, increase intellectual investment and research and development of core technologies will become stronger and stronger. On the other hand, enterprises that lack market sensitivity, hold on to the defects, lack of innovation, and deviate from the development trend of the times are gradually shrinking, and then abandoned by the market. Mao Ping, a researcher at Guotai Junan, pointed out that there are two types of die-casting enterprises that can win in this wave: one is that they have technical and scale advantages in a single process (pure CNC, die-casting, or stamping); One is a manufacturer with overall solution capability for exterior parts.