Heating radiator Committee to guide die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises "domestic and foreign trade" documentary


National Heating Radiator Committee "Deepening the Work Conference on Market Expansion of Die-cast Aluminum Radiator" was held in Wuyi, Zhejiang Province.
On April 13, the National Bureau of Statistics issued an import and export announcement stating that the total export value in the first quarter was 5.54 trillion RMB, down 6% from the same period last year. Exports rose 48.9 per cent year-on-year in February, compared with a 14.6 per cent year-on-year decline in March, a relatively large decline. The reason is that although the cost of raw materials has been reduced, the costs of labor, financing, exchange rate and environment remain high. The data show that there may be uncertainty in the situation of China's export improvement in the second quarter of this year. We die-cast aluminum radiator major exporter of Russia's economic situation is worrying, last year the ruble serious crisis, falling oil prices, the impact of economic sanctions in Western countries, such as over-reliance on die-cast aluminum radiator Russian exports of foreign trade, has constituted a greater impact.
Facing the severe market environment of foreign trade export and the established market strategy of "developing both domestic and foreign trade. The Heating Radiator Committee reviewed the situation. Song Weimin, director of the Heating Radiator Committee, Yang Xueyong, chairman of Tianjin Martin Kanghua Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., and Guan Huisheng, deputy director, went south to Zhejiang to hold a special working meeting on die-cast aluminum radiators. As in the past, the special working meeting of die-cast aluminum radiator is the heating radiator committee, which implements the industry's "overall promotion, classification guidance" work policy, and strengthens the guidance and service to the market strategy of member enterprises.
"Two Meetings" Concept Great Liberation
2008 "Die Casting Aluminum Radiator Hangzhou Conference" Held. Song Weimin, director of the Heating Radiator Committee, made an important speech. Professor Xiao Yuerong of Tsinghua University and Professor Dong Chongcheng of Harbin Institute of Technology fully interpreted the products, quality and technology of die-cast aluminum radiators. Yuan Qing, the strategic management organization of Times Xinguang, made a speech entitled "Cold Thinking of" Hot "Aluminum Radiators. Zhejiang province-based new die-cast aluminum radiator army into the heating radiator industry, its momentum of the fierce, large scale. In the face of the potentially inflated heating radiator market in Eastern Europe, which is a major exporter of aluminum radiators, the situation of aluminum radiators at the edge of the water quality conditions of heating systems at home and abroad, the collective loss of voice of die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises involved in intellectual property rights such as their appearance patents, and the exchange rate risks brought about by the exporter of their products settled in US dollars have been fully discussed. The
meeting held that in the observation of the new aluminum radiator army, the vast majority of enterprises are factories that produce die castings such as automobiles and motorcycles. Building on their existing die casting technology, they extended their product line to invest in the production of aluminum radiators. In the production of die castings such as automobiles and motorcycles, the main work of their enterprises is to grasp the quality of raw materials and process accuracy, etc. As their extended heating radiator products, in addition to grasping the quality of raw materials and process manufacturing accuracy, it is more important to consider the complete matching of the material of the heating radiator with the water system conditions. In the past, they produced die castings such as automobiles and motorcycles as supporting processing products of a certain manufacturer, brand operation may not be required, and the radiator as the end equipment of the heating system, the safety and reliability of its products is very important, and brand survival is the only way out. The meeting achieved two results, 1. on the die-cast aluminum radiator products "applicable water system conditions" were strictly defined; 2. objective analysis of aluminum radiator product market capacity.
On May 31, 2012, the "Beijing Conference on Die-casting Aluminum Radiators" was held. The bosses of dozens of die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises with Zhejiang as the main body gathered in Beijing to brainstorm and form an alliance. Times have changed. At this time, the marketing environment of die-cast aluminum radiator companies has undergone major changes in both foreign and domestic markets. They generally feel that the Russian economic situation as a major trade exporter has not fully recovered due to the impact of the financial crisis. In some export trade, the EU economic recession in transit port countries has caused trade frictions that have affected the export market of die-cast aluminum products. The brand strategy and marketing mode of other die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises have entered the "deep water area". In the past, most of the die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises relied on the foreign trade conditions of ports and regional markets and the advantages of die-casting technology to engage in the export processing trade of die-cast aluminum products. In the face of the recovery period of the exporting country market, the trade barriers of the European Union and other countries, and the rising cost of labor and other factors, the difficulties in the export trade of die-cast aluminum radiator products are obvious. Die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises due to the large demand for foreign trade in the past, so most of the enterprises did not do brand and marketing expansion in the rapid development of the domestic radiator market. Objectively speaking, compared with the domestic trade market of foreign trade, the construction of many distribution networks of channels is more complicated, especially the domestic trade market needs the pull of brands. The initial domestic die-cast aluminum radiator products are restricted by most central heating systems. In addition, the domestic trade engineering market is a completely different trade operation mode from the foreign trade form, which forms the "cold" and "hot" situation in the market of these die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises. A major outcome of this meeting is that the participants reached a broad consensus on the "domestic and foreign trade" strategy of die-cast aluminum radiator, and the transformation of die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises from "foreign trade-led" to "domestic and foreign trade" brooks no delay.
Standing on the "tuyere" of reform
The special working conference on die-cast aluminum on April 21 was dubbed the "working conference on deepening the market expansion of die-cast aluminum radiators". The conference conveyed the deployment of the "comprehensive deepening reform" in the "four comprehensives" of the country and the deepening of the established development strategy of "both domestic and foreign trade" for die-cast aluminum radiators. In the discussion of the meeting, we believe that most of our die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises export trade is mostly "contract production", "contract production" originally for the relevant partners to seek comparative advantages of the division of labor and cooperation mode. "OEM production" relies on "cost competitiveness" rather than "customer competitiveness". The "cost competitiveness" of "OEM production" is in or tends to be when the production and processing capacity of the products sought by brand traders is in or tends to be "relatively surplus", the profits of "OEM production" will be severely squeezed, and "OEM production" will inevitably escape the doom of price reduction. In the foreign trade expansion of "both domestic and foreign trade", we should gradually transition from the OEM form of foreign trade to the "two-wheel drive" of ODM (original design manufacturer) or OBM (original brand manufacturer). In the development of domestic trade, we should first make up for the "brand marketing short board" formed in the process of "external heat" of enterprise development ". Song Weimin, director of
heating radiator Committee, stressed that the "simultaneous development of domestic and foreign trade" of die-cast aluminum radiators is a systematic project to realize the transformation from the "foreign trade leading" of die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises in the past to the "simultaneous development of domestic and foreign trade" today. It should be fully realized that it is not only an increase in a market form relative to the foreign trade market, but also an important "outreach transformation" revolution of enterprises. The strategy of "developing both domestic and foreign trade" should not only have an objective environmental foundation, but also have qualified human capital; it should not only have material conditions such as capital, but also have the preparation of brand culture concept; it should not only have the thinking of limited extension of product line, but also have the promotion of innovative business ecology. It is necessary to fully realize that the transformation process from "foreign trade leading" to "simultaneous development of domestic and foreign trade" is a systematic work from "hard transformation" (thinning profit space) to "soft system support" (brand, marketing, business model, channel, sales assistance, etc.). The meeting of
proposed that die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises should make full use of the national industrial policy and implement the "two belts and one road" market strategy (one belt: China-Central Asia-Russia-Europe, one belt: Yangtze River Economic Belt; One Road: West-East Gas Pipeline). Further implement the industry norms, strict enterprise environmental protection, quality standards. The meeting reached an eight-point consensus: it is the right time to 1. the revision of industry standards. Since the publication of industry standards, with the development of this category of die-cast aluminum radiators in the industry and the need for orderly competition among enterprises, the individual standards in the original standards have been appropriately revised to meet the needs of industry and enterprise development. 2. strengthen industry self-discipline. Market competition is based on fair, orderly, professional ethics and conscience. Strengthening the integrity construction of the industry and purifying the market environment are the guarantee for the healthy development of the industry and the inevitable path for enterprises to seek sustainable development. 3. timely formation of "heating radiator committee die casting aluminum radiator enterprise alliance". Grasp the alliance's "industrial cluster" development, so that die-cast aluminum radiator enterprises in the operating space, due to the alliance organic agglomeration, improve its mature industrial chain and abundant research and development. 4. form a systematic category promotion system. Organize experts, alliance enterprise members and relevant personnel to agree on the systematic writing of die-cast aluminum brand stories and centralized soft and hard publicity strategies to realize the "three circle communication" of high-end media, industry media and self-media communities including People's Network and Xinhua ". To carry out the "five one project" strategy of brand promotion, that is, to produce a beautiful internal magazine ("aluminum expert"), to run a connotation newspaper ("aluminum companion"), to shoot a special promotional film, to build a publicity website, to hold a theme exhibition, and to form a category marketing promotion system in a planned way.