The installation of die-casting hardware industrial robots is in full swing


A few days ago, reporters who went to the hardware base saw that the technical team of Baiguan Technology was nervously installing die-casting hardware industrial robots in the factory. At the same time, it has been learned from the Shishi City Federation of Industry and Commerce that since the start of the Spring Festival, the concept of "machine substitution" has been accepted by more and more production enterprises, and a large number of industrial robots have moved to manufacturing production positions.
According to reports, Shishi City has installed or is installing Baiguan Die Casting Hardware Industrial Robots in Minnan Hardware (5 sets), Huayu Hardware (4 sets), Huaquan Hardware (3 sets) and other enterprises. In addition, more than 10 hardware companies have proposed the intention of introducing industrial robots. Industrial robots have been employed in Shishi die-casting hardware industry in batches, marking the die-casting hardware industry with the largest labor intensity and the worst production environment in Shishi City, taking the lead in entering the era of industrial robots with intelligent "numerical control generation.