Analysis of China's Casting Industry Market in 2015


with automobile castings is one of the main downstream industries of China's automobile manufacturing industry, a vehicle about 10.5 percent of the parts are cast iron parts, 6.4 percent aluminum castings, these castings not only a large number, but also high quality requirements. With the continuous development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, the output of automobile castings has also increased.
According to the statistics of the market survey and analysis report of the automobile industry released by the China Report Hall, China's automobile production and sales exceeded 13.5 million in 2009, with the output of automobile castings reaching 10.33 million tons. With China's automobile production reaching 15 million in 2010, the output of automobile castings is expected to reach 11.48 million tons. The rapid growth of automobile production is an important factor to stimulate the development of the manufacturing industry, and it will also provide a huge market space for China's automobile casting products, and with the development of automobile light and energy saving, the market demand for automobile non-ferrous castings will be further expanded. Since 2000, China's casting output has been ranked first in the world, has become a veritable casting manufacturing power.
With the strengthening of environmental protection law enforcement, the cast iron industry is forced to pay attention to environmental protection technology, casting smoke and dust treatment, sewage purification, waste sand and slag utilization, and develop a variety of casting environmental protection equipment (such as vibration sand removal machine dust removal cover, mobile vacuum cleaner, smoke and dust purification device, sewage purification recycling system, casting old sand dry and wet method recycling technology and equipment, casting waste sand slag waste plastic production composite material technology and equipment, etc.).
Due to the many outstanding problems of the casting industry itself, enterprises with backward production capacity will be phased out, and because the demand for castings in domestic and foreign markets is inseparable from small and medium-sized enterprises, a longer-term elimination process will be needed. Therefore, the casting industry needs to gradually improve the quality of castings with the healthy development of the casting industry. Therefore, it is urgent to pay close attention to the technological transformation of China's casting industry, strive to improve the quality of castings, and produce high-performance castings for large-scale machinery and equipment. At the same time, vigorously publicize and promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, green casting and clean production, which is not only necessary for enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption, improve product quality, reduce pollution, reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also necessary to break through the green barriers set by industrial developed countries and firmly occupy the international market. This is also the reason why far-sighted entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to invest heavily in clean production technological innovation and the development of "green" casting products and the implementation of international enterprise standards (such as ISO14000, etc.).