Model Workers of the National Machinery Industry System in 2016


In Chongqing Ruitong Industrial Co., Ltd., all the dirtiest and most tiring jobs are contracted by robots. Now, the company's die-casting, grinding and other labor-intensive processes have fully entered the era of robot operation. And all these technological innovations and advanced production line construction are closely related to Deputy General Manager Fu Caiming.
Chongqing Ruitong Industrial Co., Ltd. is the first joint-stock enterprise in the Ordnance Group to separate the main and auxiliary systems. It was restructured and established by Chongqing Qingshan Industrial Co., Ltd. in June 2004 and became a non-public joint-stock enterprise. At the beginning of the restructuring, under the careful design and planning of Fu Caiming, the company's major transformation project-465A transmission case production line was quickly completed and put into use. The process of
transmission case die-casting process is melting, die-casting and polishing three process steps. Generally, these three actions are completed manually by the operating staff, which is less efficient. In order to enhance the core competitiveness of the company, under the advice and promotion of Fu Caiming, the company uses robots to complete all these three actions, and the production efficiency can reach 4-6 times that of other companies.
In 2009, Fu Caiming was named a national model worker in the machinery industry system. This further inspired his fighting spirit, and he played a leading role as a model worker at all times, and spared no effort to cultivate a large number of technical backbones for the company. Last year, the company established a model worker innovation studio. Under the leadership of Fu Caiming, this technological innovation team obtained 15 state-authorized utility model patent technologies last year alone, contributing to the company's product development, quality assurance, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement. Made outstanding contributions.
Now, facing the lofty honor of national model workers, Fu Caiming calmly said that he values team progress more than personal honor. In a highly competitive environment, if an enterprise wants to be invincible, it must rely on its strength to speak, which is even more necessary to give full play to the strength of the technological innovation team.