In recognition of the company's advanced workers in 2016


In 2016, under the leadership of the leadership group with the general manager as the core, all departments of the company will take customer-oriented, quality first, technological progress, innovation-driven, diligent and dedicated, do hard work and strive for survival, and innovation-driven development as strategic goals. Guided by the needs of the market and customers, we will deeply carry out the new product development mode of synchronous development with customers' products, deeply excavate the product value chain, adjust the product structure, improve, enhance and optimize the process and technical capabilities of the whole process of product manufacturing, take the pursuit of zero defects as the goal, and improve the physical quality of products to a certain extent, At the same time, it improves the high standard, high efficiency, personal management ability and team cooperation ability of the company's organization system, better to achieve the standardization of management, standardization, resource allocation optimization, management innovation.
Over the past year, the company has united as one, fought with high morale, overcome difficulties, and withstood the severe test of abnormal market fluctuations. Most employees sacrificed their personal rest time to successfully complete the company's annual production and operation goals set at the beginning of the year. The majority of employees have made arduous efforts and made great contributions to the completion of the company's goals and tasks, at the same time, a number of advanced units and outstanding individuals with both ability and political integrity and outstanding achievements have emerged.
is specially commended for this.
1. Advanced Unit: Die Casting Factory Sales Department
2. Science and Technology Progress Award Unit: Technology Center
3. Outstanding Manager: Li 4.
Outstanding Science and Technology Worker: He Yuanzhao
5. Customer Service Contribution Award: wang Xiaoxiong
6. Advanced Team: seiko Factory New Product Development Room, Die Casting Factory Mold Repair Class, Quality Department Finished Product Inspection Class
7. Advanced Individuals 38
Xue Chengzhang Huang Jiaqi Huang Zengjian Xiong Jianshang Dahao Hou Daxian Yang Fan
Duan Mingxin Jiang Taiguo Wan Fu Chuan Teng Jianhua Climbed He Yuanchao Zhang Bing
zhu Xi Luo Yuanfei Wu Jun Wang Youyuan Pan Guangying
Chen Zaibing He Kaidi to Maosheng Liu Juan Luo Xianhui Wang Xianmin Huang Shaomei
Wang Yuquan Jiang Hua Liu Zhiguo Chen Rui zhang Yu Xie Zexiu Yu Guangyou
He Xiaoping Huang Changliang Liao Zhiyong